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The aim of the project is to create a beefEST prototype data management application for beef animal herd farmers. It should combine breeding data and data concerning parentage with daily animal health data, herd and pasture management information. The goal is to create a convenient tool for both cross-bred and pure-bred beef cattle breeders, to ensure the efficient use and collection of both breeding and accounting records, thus contributing to day-to-day livestock management. The system should work on both a computer and as a mobile application, regardless of the operating system.

The adoption of the system will enable improved herd management, and more profitable and environmentally friendly production through the more efficient use of data. The improved use of data is an important prerequisite for the digitalisation of agriculture. In this way, resource use and the ecological footprint are reduced, while efficiency is increased. Each new, functioning modern digital tool indirectly supports the development of unique data exchange solutions.

The beefEST project is implemented by the Estonian Dairy Cluster and the Animal Breeders´ Association of Estonia, together with research partner The Competence Centre on Health Technologies. Work began via cooperation with the EDC-EIP work group. beefEST’s works will last from May 2020 through April 2023. Led by the Estonian Dairy Cluster, beefEST is part of the EIP’s cross-border cooperation with the Finnish EIP Working Group.

The project’s budget is EUR 427,867.90, of which EUR 347,742.32 is measure support, and EUR 80,125.90 is self-financing by the applicants. The project’s activities are supported within the framework of measure 16.2 of the Estonian Rural Development Plan for 2014–2020.