Kaiu LT OÜ opened an extension of dairy barn complex

On 5.02.2019, Kaiu LT OÜ in Karitsa village, Rapla county, opened a new dairy barn for 500 dairy cows. New building has double-row sheds instead of the usual triple-row sheds. According to Margus Muld, the CEO of Trigon Dairy Farming AS, such solution gives animals more space and better access to feeding area. Company expects to increase the number of cattle up to 1,200 dairy cows in the future.

In addition to new dairy barn, the construction project included completion of a shed for 250 calves, extension to calving shed, new feed storage and silo and two liquid manure storages with the capacity of 12,000 m³. Total investment reached 3.5 million euros. Kaiu LT OÜ together with Väätsa Agro and Kärla PÜ are members of the group managed by AS Trigon Dairy Farming Estonia.