The concept of bovine health data implant

The implementation of health data collection is an important step in the development of precision technologies. Based on cattle health data, conclusions can be made about the animal, the herd, and the entire dairy sector (big data). The emerging big data system has a very high future potential, where the transfer of health data of individual animals and automatic processing will essentially make it possible to create an electronic health passport for cattle. As applications of the second phase, both automatic herd and population-based information management as well as interactions with the aforementioned private sector organizations and state agencies (animal registry; veterinary supervision, animal performance control, etc.) can be highlighted here. The resulting savings and the new business opportunities arising from the connection/exchange of data can certainly be measured in millions of euros, not to mention offering a solution in a situation where some things simply remain undone due to a lack of manpower. Wider adoption of digital solutions could help alleviate the worsening labor shortage. In this project, the Estonian Dairy Cluster combines the development aims of the field, information technology, engineers and veterinarians’ skills to develop a new solution.

The task of the innovation activity was to create:

  • Subcutaneous implant concept (from drawings to design);
  • remote data reading hardware and automatic measurement software;
  • to choose and test materials suitable for surgical insertion;
  • test all devices in laboratory conditions and optimize them;
  • develop farm equipment, infrastructure and test them up to readiness level for farm trials.

Activities planned during the project have been implemented. Project outcome is:

  • The concept of a subcutaneous, remotely readable, automatic active temperature sensor with the software that controls them;
  • Farm base stations/gateways with the appropriate software (the station works on mains power and, if necessary, battery power) and setting the ambient temperature etc. conditions
  • All devices (hardware) that are subjected to animal testing have been verified by Metrosert AS (an independent third-party certification agency) to give assurance that the specified requirements are being complied with;
  • Data could based data collection system with appropriate software is created (to collect, store and analyze the animal experiment dataset);
  • In addition, the product design concept, device data web page have been created;
  • All developed components applicability will be tested and and analysed further in clinical trial (separate innovation activity)

The innovation activity was carried out as a two-year joint effort between Estonian Dairy Cluster and Competence Centre on Health Technologies