Dairy cluster entered into cooperation agreement with Finnish EIP working group

On 23.01.2018 was concluded the first cross-border cooperation agreement in the history of European Innovation Partnership (EIP) working groups. EIP working group led by Dairy Cluster from Estonia and ÄLYREHU working group led by the University of Oulu from Finland signed a cooperation agreement targeted primarily at development of biosensors. As leading partner and Estonian EIP group coordinator, Dairy Cluster shall be responsible for the coordination of international cooperation between two EIP groups and introduction of the results of the project.

Despite application rounds held in different countries, both parties were able to participate in preparing the action plan of the other, set initial work sections in the agreement and expected lists and timetable of joint activities.

Cooperation creates synergy both through exchange of development information and combination of particular tests created by different groups. While the Estonian partner focuses on the development of test equipment for early detection of mastitis by using sensors (MAVAS project), the Finnish partner is developing ketoacidosis biomarker for diagnostics of subclinical ketosis. The tests for applicability of biosensors developed by both groups take place in Estonia and in Finland and in at least two partner farms of EIP working groups.

In addition to that preparations are made for joint activities with Finnish consultant network ProAgria for introducing the results in the future.

EIP working group led by the Dairy Cluster consists in the members of the Dairy Cluster and partners TorroSen OÜ, Animal Breeders Association of Estonia, Estonian University of Life Sciences and the Competence Centre on Health Technologies.

The members of ÄLYREHU EIP working group include: University of Oulu; ProAgria (Finnish network of rural consultants), Finnish companies MTech Digital Solutions, SEMES (manufacturer of silo test equipment), eight dairy farms and one veterinary company.

The activities of Estonian Dairy Cluster are supported under measures 16.1 of the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2014–2020.