Innovation forum in Olsztyn Poland

From 3-4.09.2022 the Autumn Agricultural Fair “Everything for agriculture” took place. This is the twenty-eighth edition of the fair, which was held for the first time in a new location – in the Gryźliny airfield nearby Olsztyn, Poland. Parallel to the fair, accompanying events took place – the Warmia and Mazury Animal Breeding Exhibition and the 4th Innovation Forum “Hunger for Quality”. All the event was arranged by  the Warmia and Mazury Agricultural Advisory Center in Olsztyn.

Four different sector panels (horses, beef cattle, dairy cattle and sheep) devoted primarily to the exchange of experience, knowledge and insights on the most important challenges arising in a given industry, definition and understanding “High quality” by both animal breeders, producers, and consumers, and the collaboration of all stakeholders. Regardless of the industry, the participants of the meetings pointed to the health-promoting aspect of consuming high-quality meat and the need for effective education in this area for consumers from an early age. The necessary condition is special care for maintaining high quality not only in the technological process itself, but at every stage of manufacturing and delivering products to the consumer. Participants of industry meetings emphasized that the main concern and challenge for producers and breeders is animal welfare – proper animal nutrition, grazing, slaughter in pastures, shortened supply chain. It is essential to implement modern technologies such as novel sensors, distant and cloud management, along with Big Data opportunities and blockchain verification.

The Chairman of the Estonian Dairy Cluster Hardi Tamm shared EDCs experience about innovation cooperation within the sector and cross-border as well as introduced EDC success stories such as herd health audit program , express test MAVAS for quick measurement of mastitis pathogens and health data sensor Wisecow.